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Lim Wei Bin Chinese Tutor

Lin Lao Shi

Engage. Enrich. Empower


Ni Hao! I am Mr Lim Wei Bin, otherwise known as Lin Lao Shi, and I am a Private Chinese Tutor.


I teach Chinese to students from Primary 1 to Junior College Level 2 (J2) for both 1-to-1 and group tuition. I am MOE-trained and have a decade of teaching experience. I have taught in schools and tuition centres before becoming a private tutor. For students to embrace learning, lessons should be fun and interactive. My creative teaching approach has enabled students to not only excel in exams but enjoy the language too. 


Why Mr Lim?

Unique Methods
Unique Methods

Creative approach to make lessons fun and interactive which aim to engage students, enrich their knowledge, and empower them to master the language.

Wealth of Experience.png
Wealth of Experience

MOE-trained and have more than a decade of experience in teaching in schools, tuition centres, and homes.

Deliver Results.png
Deliver Results

Students have benefitted from the personalised teaching - from failing to passing Chinese, with many acing the subject.


"Mr Lim is a very patient teacher who will take his time to teach his students. His unique techniques are effective and helpful. He ensures that his students fully understand their work before moving on. I am very grateful for Mr Lim's guidance over these five years and I believe that his tuition has not only helped me to achieve good grades, I now enjoy utilising Chinese in my daily life."

Ong Jing Min

Class of 2017

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School

Class of 2019

St. Andrew's Junior College


Contact Me

Call or WhatsApp me at

+65 97279365

Details and location can be discussed!

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