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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by "your style of teaching"?"
    There are many tutors and teachers who focus on vocabularies and memorisation. I place emphasis on creativity and teach students different writing styles that could explore their talent. Lessons are also tailored accordingly to ensure students do well for their tests and exams. A different approach as opposed to conventional teaching method is used to guide students' learning.
  • What techniques do you focus on?
    My lessons are all-rounded, covering the core of a language - listening, speaking, reading and writing. I would particularly highlight that guiding students to be better at writing compositions is my exceptionally strong skillset. Parents have approached me to help their children to improve writing skills.
  • How long is every lesson?
    Each tuition session lasts for two hour. You can be assured that my lessons will be engaging and interactive. Students have enjoyed attending the lessons.
  • How many lessons are there in a month?
    There is a minimum of four lessons required in the month. If the student is unable to attend the lesson at that pre-arranged timing, he or she may request for change of time. Depending on the availability, best arrangement for the make-up lesson will be made with the student.
  • What are your fees?
    The fees vary according to students' levels, streams, and programmes. It would be best to contact me at +65 9727 9365 for further advise.
  • Do you teach in group or individual?
    I have classes for both individual and group. Students may form their own group, it could be siblings or close friends or neighbours or classmates.
  • Are you familiar with the school education system?
    Yes, I am an ex-school Chinese Teacher. NIE-trained teacher with years of teaching experiences. I keep myself updated with syllabus by constant reading of related news and materials. I have refined my teaching techniques and have developed a unique approach to guide students in their learning, ensuring that they perform well.
  • What if students need help after class?
    All students are welcomed to text or WhatsApp me when they encounter any difficulty with their learning. Any clarification is encouraged as it will enhance their learning experience and motivate them to learn. I will reply or call back in my next availability.
  • What are your other credentials?
    I have a strong passion in Chinese language and have pursued my dreams aside teaching. During my school days, I have written articles to newspapers and taking part in contests. On top of that, I was several times appointed as an emcee, translator, and proofreading. I have won awards as a writer and a song lyrics writer. In order to share this passion of mine, I have also founded Nee Soon East Mandarin Toastmasters Club in 2018. All these are experiences and stories that could be shared with my tutees.
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