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Holistic Learning

I offer private tutoring (1-to-1 Chinese tuition) to group tuition and teach all levels, ranging from Primary (1 - 6), Secondary (1 - 5) to Junior College. 

A broad range of areas are covered during lessons to help students better tackle the Chinese curriculum. The lessons are structured in a way to help improve students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Understanding Chinese Comprehension

Students are taught how to digest the content of the passage. In addition, they will learn the types of questions they can expect from examiners (based on their respective levels/streams) and techniques to answer them effectively.

Chinese Composition

Different writing styles and rhetorical devices will be taught. Students will learn that with the right techniques and effective use of even simple words and phrases, compositions can be made interesting.

Chinese Oral Exam or Conversation
Oral Skills

Current affairs and common topics will be an important part during lessons. These discussions seek to improve students' confidence in day-to-day conversations and prepare them for the actual oral exams. 

Sharing Exam tips.jpg
Examination Tips

Tips will be shared with students to help them ace the exams. For example, proper time allocation on each section, time-saving techniques, and knowing key materials to learn or remember are some of the important tactics that students should be aware of before entering the exam hall, and these will be imparted to them.

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