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Covid-19 related questions

I was asked this questions quite a number of times from different parents and students.

What are the hot topics for exam, be it oral or email?

On one hand, we knew that there are evergreen popular topics like recycling, healthy living, smart nation etc.

We can also think of it from another point of view, if we were to recall the covid period for these 1.5 years, has anything changed? It’s the new norm and life changes.

Covid brings about a wide range of popular topics for oral and email questions.

I am pretty sure most of us work from home, study from home, doing e-learning, shopping for food and fashion online, the list goes on…

Some of the related topics that may come out would be:

1. 居安思危 (To prepare for danger during peaceful times)

2. 居家学习 (Home based learning)

3. 网上学习 (E-learning)

4. 网上购物 (E-commerce, shop online, brought groceries online)

5. 自主学习 (Self-Directed learning)

6. 亲自关系 (Parent child relationship, due to work from home, study from home, parents and child have more time for interactions than before)

7. 科技 (Technology)

Most of the time, they would expect you to analyse and give suggestions or recommendations.

Some of the expected questions would be the pros and cons of each topic, and give some suggestions or recommendations on how to improve a certain issue.

For eg.

科技的利弊 The pros and cons of technology, which would requires you to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Or may have questions which will ask for more specific, e.g. 你认为科技如何扩大人与人之间的距离?that would have required more specific analysis. You may wish to share some personal stories or examples.

你认为科技如何辅助学生学习?How do technology aid students in their learning. Anyway there are many different questions to be asked. It could even go down to ask you to compare between online learning and classroom learning, which is your preferred channel and why? Which is more effective?

All in all, think about how this 1.5 year new norm affected our living. You will think of and find more relatable topics and questions.


Lin Lao Shi has a wealth of teaching experience and is a MOE-trained teacher. Trained in Differentiated Instruction, he has helped many students with different learning needs with their Chinese language. If you have any enquiry, call or message him at +65 9727 9365.

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