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Tips to Finish Your Chinese Paper 2 on Time

Are you able to finish your Chinese Paper 2?

Parents often wondered," why couldn't my child cannot finish the Secondary Express Chinese Paper 2?"

Are there proper time allocation to each section?

Enough time for each question?

Express Chinese Paper 2 – 90 Mins, 70 Marks

How do you plan your paper?

Do you allocate time according to the marks assigned to the questions?

Think about this scenario, if you allocate the time according to the marks, it will look like this:

Cloze Passage: 10 marks, 12.86 mins

MCQ Compre: 20 marks, 25.72 mins

Compre 1: 20 marks, 25.72 mins

Compre 2: 20 marks, 25.72 mins

Does it make sense to plan your paper this way?


Reason being… There are different level of difficulties everywhere across the paper!

Some require you to think deeply, as there are many layers of answers and you have to do a deep analysis. Some are tricky within the MCQ.

Even answering Cloze Passage and looking out for hint is not easy!

My personal recommendation is:

Cloze Passage: 10 marks, 7 mins

MCQ Compre: 20 marks, 15 mins

Compre 1: 20 marks, 30 mins

Compre 2: 20 marks, 35 mins

So far when I go through and do the Cloze Passage with my student, the fastest with them is 3.5 to 4 mins, I don’t expect students to be as fast, they need time to think, so 7 minutes would be ideal, and the remaining time can be used at the back of the paper. 15 mins for MCQ. Usually, for the two written comprehensions, one of them will be slightly more difficult than the other, thus the time allocation is different. There are still 2 mins from the planning, it can be used to top up any section that does not have enough time, or to check through the paper.

Many of you must be wondering, can this allocation of time finish the paper?

YES! If you know your techniques well to attempt the questions, you are able to finish the paper!


Lin Lao Shi, also known as Mr Lim Wei Bin, has a wealth of teaching experience and is a MOE-trained teacher. Trained in Differentiated Instruction, he has helped many students with different learning needs with their Chinese language. If you have any enquiry, call or message him at +65 9727 9365.

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