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To bridge the learning gap or not during school holidays?

To bridge the learning gap or not during school holidays?

Many parents have been asking and thinking about whether to let students have holiday tuition or not. This is one of the most popular question of all time.

I am pretty sure many of you would have been thinking whether to let students rest, let them enjoy their hard earn holiday, let them go for staycation and overseas trip.

To bridge the learning gap or not?

Answer is Yes.

First of all, the school syllabus is rather rush. There may be content or techniques that students are still unfamiliar with. For eg. Students may not understand some of the text fully, some of the students may not know what are the rhetorical devices use for, or they may know the theory, but does not know how to execute. Where and how to use them.

This is the chance to close the gap during school holidays. When school reopen, they will have homework, new textbook to learn, new activities like CCAs etc.

Secondly, how many compositions does the school gave to the students. Even when school gave composition work. Do the students know how to write the composition? Even after teacher's marking, does the student know where are the mistakes are and how to rectify? These days composition marking has been reduced to circling the error words, highlighting the sentence with grammatical errors. Then probably gave a comment or remark at the end as well as awarding the marks. Do the students know in depth about what to do and how to do?

If students don’t use this time to catch up on their work like compositions, then when? Are they going to chase the train during school reopen when everything accumulates? By then, the students would struggle all the way.

There are many advantages of bridging the study gap during holiday.

Resolved all uncertainties and unknown asap, that’s the way. Holiday, lesson can be more relax and fun, this will also aid students in absorbing and learning.


Lin Lao Shi has a wealth of teaching experience and is a MOE-trained teacher. Trained in Differentiated Instruction, he has helped many students with different learning needs with their Chinese language. If you have any enquiry, call or message him at +65 9727 9365.

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